Every person who is charged with DUI in California worries about the possible penalties, and rightfully so. The degree of severity of the DUI can depend greatly on the attorney who is representing you.

At Defending Rights Law Center, I recognize the importance of choosing the right DUI lawyer, and I know what is at stake in a DUI case. I have been representing people in San Diego since 2009, and I have focused my practice specifically on California DUI law.

DUI Penalties In California

I am highly knowledgeable about California and San Diego DUI penalties, and I know what needs to be done in order to reach a favorable outcome for my clients. The penalties for DUI can vary depending on the circumstances of the case and whether it is your first, second, or third charge. Penalties are much more serious in DUI accident cases and for repeat offenders.

First-time offenders will usually have a fine and penalty assessments. They will be required to complete a conviction program and service hours. If your blood alcohol content (BAC) level was under .15, you are likely looking at a misdemeanor charge.

Repeat offenders may be facing a felony conviction, and it is important that you have an experienced defense lawyer representing you in your case. If you are convicted of a repeat DUI, you could be required to have an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, and you may face license revocation for an extended time period. Soon, new cars will require technology to detect and prevent driving while intoxicated.

Aggressive Representation From A DUI Veteran

I am an aggressive advocate for my clients, and I work to get the best possible results. My clients know they can count on me for advice, and they know that I will take action in developing a strong defense. You get my full attention when I represent you, and you will never be pushed off to an associate lawyer or legal secretary. You will be working directly with the person you hired.