California DUI With Out Of State Licenses

An out of state driver arrested for DUI in California will likely have numerous questions about his or her case, including what consequences this arrest and potential conviction may have and how they differ by state or region. By discussing your case with an experienced California DUI lawyer with over 25 years of experience, you can learn exactly what repercussions driving under the influence charges and convictions have in California, as well as what effects you may face in your home state.

Because you were arrested for DUI in California with an out of state license, you will face criminal court procedures in California. You will also face a DMV hearing in California regarding your driving privileges, but not your driver's license. California law enforcement does not have the authority to confiscate, suspend or revoke your out of state license. Your privilege to drive in California, however, may be suspended or revoked. Additionally, if you are convicted of DUI or if your driving privileges are suspended, the California Department of Motor Vehicles will report your offense to the proper authority in your state, and this may result in the suspension or revocation of your home state driver's license.

Out Of State DUIs

As an out of state driver, you have a lot at stake when you are facing DUI charges. Be sure that you have a local attorney at your side to defend you against a criminal conviction as well as the suspension of your out of state driver’s license and your California driving privileges. Michael J. Fremont expertly represents clients throughout the San Diego area who have been arrested for or charged with driving under the influence, and this includes out of state drivers. He can represent your interests and get results in the face of your charges.